Professional Play

Why not build a team with LEGO bricks and Master Builders Club? Think outside the box with a team building event that channels group creativity and knowledge sharing. Our Professional Play workshops for the workplace bring a creative, competitive and collaborative buzz to corporate Team Building Events and Away Days.

Corporate Team Building with Lego

Building a Stronger Team With LEGO Bricks

Let the power of the LEGO brick motivate your workforce, build teams and facilitate creative problem solving.

Master Builders Club can provide a practical approach to identifying group dynamics, enhancing leadership skills and strengthening a team.

Our creative workshops with LEGO bricks will help energise your staff through collaborative play.

Release the inner architects, designers and engineers in your organisation and realise the potential of brick building with Master Builders Club .

We offer a tailor made package to support your Team Building Event, Away Day, Office Social and Corporate Entertainment. We will always provide 1000’s of LEGO bricks, structured thought provoking and exciting content along with experienced Professional Play Facilitators.