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School Holiday & Weekend Workshops in a village hall near you!

Master Builders Club is a LEGO fans dream come true. With 1000’s of bricks, exciting themes and badges to collect, it is easy to loose yourself in a world of creativity.

Our two hour workshops are the perfect way to entertain your aspiring architect, determined designer and incredible inventor!

What is a Master Builders Workshop

What is a Master Builders Club workshop  ?

Each workshop follows a different theme. We start with a short story which sets the children their building challenges and leads us into the practical part of the session. With access to 1000’s of Lego bricks sorted into colour, size and type and no “right way” to build, the children are free to let their imaginations run wild.

At the end of the workshop we present the children with a badge that reflects the theme and celebrates their building achievement.

We are passionate about promoting creativity and allowing children to be original with their designs. With no “right way” to build children are free to use their imagination without any barriers.

LEGO is an inclusive toy with no boundaries which enables us to welcome children of all abilities. Our Master Builders are given plenty of support with building tips and positive feedback and our workshops are carefully written to be engaging, stimulating and FUN!

Constructing a master piece at a party
Mesmerised while building a lego creation

Don’t Let COVID Get In The Way Of Creativity.

“We always try to provide the best possible experience for your little Master Builder whilst operating within the current Government guidelines. Should the guidelines change before the first Summer workshops then we will revert to our original workshop format which involves the children being able to move around the room and have access to all the LEGO bricks and most importantly being able to build with their friends should they wish to.”

We have revised the format of our workshops in order to comply with current Government guidelines. Our new procedures allow us to offer a “Safe Way To Play” whilst delivering awesome brick building events.

Please read our new “Safe Ways To Play” Policy before booking.

master builders club male avatar

I love all of it, the stories, the LEGO, the books and the badges.


master builders club female avatar

I like the way the LEGO is sorted into colours and making new friends.


master builders club male avatar

I want to come every day to Master Builders Club..


master builders club male avatar

It’s soooooooo good as you have soooooooooo much LEGO.


master builders club male avatar

I had lots of fun and I love all the minifigures you have.


master builders club female avatar

I enjoy collecting my badges on my lanyard.


master builders club female avatar

Can I please come again tomorrow?


master builders club male avatar

It was the best day ever!